One-on-One Private Lessons




Five 60-minute sessions (validity 5 weeks). Fees paid are not refundable.

Appointments, once made, can be cancelled only with more than 24 hours notice, and by Whatsapp. Eg, 10am appointment on Tuesday morning – cancellation will be accepted only if we receive your Whatsapp message before 10am on Monday.  If less than 24 hours notice is given, the session is deemed to be completed and your credit will be deducted.

Enrol now to:

  • Resolve your nagging problems like back, knee or shoulder pains;
  • Master a sports skill area eg improve your golf/tennis swing, run more efficiently, do the handstand/pancake, develop ‘rooting’ for taiji/martial arts practice ….;
  • Learn the basics of Stretch Therapy; or
  • Deepen your practice of Stretch Therapy.