A little tweak to your stretching can yield better results

The Star

ST teaches us to become aware of our current capacity, to accept its present limits and provides us with the tools to safely and effectively expand that capacity.

The Sun

The earlier you start, the better. As we age, the mind is less open to new ideas and environment. Fear sets in whenever a ‘new’ movement is introduced. Start slow, build up slowly, never rush and listen to your body.

The Sun


Sin Chew Daily

伸展运动每个人都会做,但只要做到对位,才能真正舒展身体肌肉:而伸展治疗 (Stretch Therapy) 则是针对部分问题进行拉筋,是一套完整的疗法,有助于舒缓肌肉或身体部分疼痛。

Oriental Daily

Your Firefly flight duration is short and sweet, but your entire travelling time could easily amount to a several hours. Stretch Therapy offers a few simple exercises to effectively use this ‘downtime’ to help you arrive feeling refreshed and alert at your destination.

Firefly inflight magazine

Student Testimonials

“I had been suffering from severe lower back and shoulder pain for several months.

Thanks to guidance from Wai Kuan and Chi Chang, these aches have been relieved tremendously.

Stretch Therapy has also helped me to be aware of my body and the inter-connections between each part.”

Gan Li-Kim

“Hurt my sciatic nerve and piriformis muscle 3 weeks ago while cutting grass in my garden for close to 2 hours because I didn't warm-up.

With the stretching lessons that I learned in the Stretch Therapy Centre taught by both Wai Kuan and Chi-Chang, I was able to gradually stretch the muscle and recovered without any medical treatment or medicine.”

Hua Chia Yee

“I’ve joined Wai Kuan’s Stretch Therapy classes for about 2 years now. One of her most important practises is the ‘Daily 5 Stretches’.

I practise them every morning when I wake up – it has helped me tremendously with my flexibility and to get my day going, especially when I’m walking up and down the stairs.”

Kay Wong