Long Classes

Every month, usually on the first Saturday or Sunday, we conduct a 2¼-hour Long Class for a more in-depth workout.

These Long Classes are normally open only to students who have completed our Starters’ Workshop or a series of private classes.

Occasionally, we run special themes and open the Long Class to all, including newcomers to Stretch Therapy.

Be surprised by how much your body can do. Feel better instantly.

Your investment:

RM200 for 1 class
RM320 for 2 classes

Long Classes

Sunday 8 Jan 2023
3.00pm - 5.15pm

Overcome Neck Pain

Limited to 12 pax.
Open to new students (all levels)


Got a pain in the neck?

Your neck pain is most likely caused by muscular imbalances and daily life habits.

The easy-to-learn stretching exercises and relaxation techniques in this class can dramatically reduce your neck pain while increasing mobility.

You will feel the difference in just one class.

Sunday 12 Mar 2023
3.00pm - 5.15pm

Spinal Health

Limited to 12 pax.
Open to new students (all levels)

A healthy spine is a supple and strong spine that enables you to move easily without pain.

Achieving that does not mean an expensive mattress.

Stretch Therapy empowers you to self-help yourself and obtain lasting relief from neck and back pains, headaches, fatigue, stiff shoulders, muscles spasms and numbness or tingling.

In fact, spinal movement exercises are the back-bone of Stretch Therapy. Our exercise-based approach has helped thousands to learn the right spinal movements so they not only relieve pain, they also move better.

In this Spinal Health Long Class, you will also learn how to apply the spinal movements to exercise your hamstrings, calf, quadriceps, shoulders and neck more effectively.

Limited spots, so we can give you proper attention.

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Sunday 2 Apr 2023
3.00pm - 5.15pm

Back Pain

Limited to 12 pax.
Open to new students (all levels)


Almost everyone suffers from neck or back pain.

Most of this neck and back pain is caused by excessive tension in the muscles associated with the spine.

This tension results from a variety of causes including structural imbalances and lifestyle. Stretch Therapy has proven effective to treat a very high percentage of these causes.

No need for surgery or drug therapy.  Just exercise-based Stretch Therapy.

This Back Pain Long Class will cover the key exercises to release tensions and gently build core strength. Most important, we will teach you to relax.

Suitable for all levels of fitness.  Limited to 12 pax.


Want to be more relaxed, pain-free, stronger and healthier?

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