How to Start

Starters’ Workshop

Be fitter and stronger with the right exercises

Too much sitting and not enough of the right movement?

Too much training and not enough of right stretching and relaxation?

Whether you are an athlete or a couch potato, this 100% immersion workshop has something for you. You will stretch every muscle, every nerve, and every bit of fascia in the body.

Everyone experiences some discomfort and tensions in the body. The exercises in the workshop will help you to identify these tensions, release the tensions and through regular practice, build the right strength and improve your habitual patterns and posture.

Or you don’t have any discomfort but enjoy a good stretch. You will find our exercises immensely satisfactory in bringing you to new level of mobility & strength and a deep state of relaxation. You will move better, feel better and sleep better.

This workshop is suitable for adults regardless of physical fitness and prior experience.  You will become a lot more knowledgeable about your own body and your life will be different forever…

Physical Workshop

6 hours on a Sunday, plus 2 Long Classes or 6 weeks regular classes
Maximum 10 pax

10.00 am - 10.10 am
Introduction and explanation of basic techniques
10.10 am - 1.00 pm
Lower body exercises, including ankles and toes
1.00 pm - 2.30 pm
lunch break (lunch not included)
2.30 pm - 2.45 pm
Lying relaxation, guided practice
2.45 pm - 5.20pm
Upper body exercises, including spinal, neck and wrists and fingers
5.20pm - 5.30pm

Online Workshop

50 minutes over 12 Sundays, 4.30-5.50pm. Total 14 hours.
Maximum 8 pax

Lessons 1 - 4
Introduction and explanation of basic techniques. Lower body exercises, including ankles and toes
Lessons 5 - 7
Upper body & neck exercises. Lying relaxation, guided practice
Lessons 8 - 9
Spinal movement; and wrists and fingers
Lessons 10 - 12
Q&A, revision & join regular online group classes

Upcoming Starters’ Workshop

Date: To be Confirmed

Your Investment: RM690* | RM800

*for Early Birds

Max 10 pax. Book Now!

Private Classes

I want to stop the hurt

If you have issues such as back, knee, ankle pain, frozen shoulder, etc., or prefer to work at your own pace or privacy, start with private classes. Private classes are also good if you are a sportsperson with specific aims such as improving your golf, running, tennis, yoga etc…

Private classes will be designed to suit your needs: your classes may not cover all the exercises for the whole body as taught in the Starters’ Workshop.

Once you have done a series of private classes, you are welcome to join our Starters’ Workshop, Regular Classes or Long Classes.


RM790 – 4 hours (valid 5 weeks)
RM1800 – 10 hours (valid 3 months)


RM875 – 5 hours (valid 6 weeks)
RM1975 – 12 hours (valid 4 months)

Please note that entry to online classes is subject to our teachers’ approval. Safety and effectiveness are of utmost importance to us. Please fill in the form and our teachers will assess.

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Form Your Own Group

Individuals and corporates are welcome to form your own group to organise a Starters’ Workshop or Private Classes.

Private group classes can be held on-site, off-site or online. Our clients include Malaysian public-listed companies, MNCs and family & friends groups.

I would like to organise a group session for my friends and family

My company would like to organise a corporate group session

Regular Classes

Once you have completed the Starters’ Workshop or a series of Private Classes, you can practice on your own or join our Regular Classes or Long Classes.

Schedule for Regular Classes


7.15am - 8.30am

8.00pm - 9.15pm
online and physical


10.30am - 11.45am

8.00pm - 9.15pm
online only


9.00am - 10.15am

4.30pm - 5.45pm
online & physical 

The above schedule is subject to occasional changes/adjustments. Stay updated with our Google Calendar


Unlimited Access Packages

RM250 validity 5 weeks (most popular)
RM620 validity 3 months
RM1,165 validity 6 months
RM2,180 validity 12 months

Other Packages

RM480 for 10 classes, validity 3 months
RM900 for 20 classes, validity 6 months

Holders of these packages can attend classes physically or online; and may also attend Long Classes at just RM30 per class.

Drop-in rate is RM60 per class.

Long Classes (physical only)

There will be a Long Class (2¼ hours), usually on the first Saturday or Sunday of the month.

Please see our Facebook or Instagram page for the latest date.

Fees for current students:
RM180 for 1 class
RM288 for 2 classes, validity 3 months
RM378 for 3 classes, validity 4 months